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We recently were given the opportunity by Nancy Booth to interview her husband Robert. Maybe you know him better as Robert Englund(RE:). Robert Englund graduated from one of the finest acting schools in the world with honors. He has said that there is no role he cannot play. Mr. Englund has been in at least 66 motion pictures, several T.V. shows, and countless stage productions. He is best known for his ability to strike fear into the hearts of all as Freddy Krueger from the movie "A Nightmare on Elm St." and it's sequals. He recently filmed it's latest sequal Freddy Vs Jason. Many of the facts gathered for the questions in this interview were found on the IMDB (International Movie Data Base).
Robert Englund Interview (Posted 7/2/03):

ATH: Robert, You have been in the business for many years now and your success has mostly come from playing Freddy, will there ever be a time when you decide to hang up the razor glove?
RE: When they stop hiring me.

ATH: Of all the actors you have worked with, who have you enjoyed working with the most?
RE: Henry Fonda

ATH: You once did a cameo on the popular show Charmed. How was that experience? Would you work with them again?
RE: My Halloween gig for the fans. Who wouldn't like working with 3 beautiful women.

ATH: Were you disappointed about not working with Kane Hoddar in the upcoming Freddy Vs Jason (F Vs J) flick?
RE: Kane is a friend, I think he was disappointed that the director wanted someone taller.

ATH: Tell us a little about what we the fans can expect from F Vs J.
RE: One part Monty Python, one part road Runner cartoon, one part rock and roll.

ATH: Tell us a little about the upcoming 2001 Maniacs, in what ways is it going to be better than the original? What's going to be new and fresh about it?
RE: Hasn't been shot yet, I have not seen a script.

ATH: Can we expect another Freddy sequel if F Vs J does well?
RE: There are rumors of a prequal.

ATH: Would you consider doing a return of Freddy to Television upon the success of F Vs J?
RE: No interest.

ATH: What other projects are you currently working on (besides 2001 Maniacs and Land of Canaan)?
RE: (Which I am not currently working on.) Three or four more hours of V for network.

ATH: Robert, you are by far one of the greatest horror Icons of the past two decades, however you have done a lot of non-horror work. Does it bother you that most of your fans would rather have you sign a Nightmare on Elm St. poster before a Phantom of the Opera?
RE: It would bother me if fans stopped asking for autographs all together.

ATH: Which was your favorite Nightmare movie to work on?
RE: #7 because it was a cast reunion.

ATH: Which movie has been your all time favorite to work on?
RE: My roles are like children. I can't pick one above another.

ATH: For actors that are just starting, what do you recommend for getting into Hollywood?
RE: Act. Do regional theater.

ATH: What character would you most like to play?
RE: Iago in Othello.
ATH: Good answer! That's a role I'd pay to see you in!

ATH: How many times have fans written to you asking if you own the Freddy Glove?
RE: I don't know.

ATH: What is your favorite horror movie of all time?
RE: Classic: The Innocents, current: May

ATH: What do you think today's horror could use?
RE: More suspense, less FX

ATH: You have played almost every type of role. Is there any role that you cannot or would not play?
RE: No.

ATH: What made you decide to sign on to Land of Cannan and what is it about?
RE: Didn't make the movie. IMDB is wrong and I have tried to correct it.

ATH: Is there anything special that you did to prepare for the role of Freddy Krueger?
RE: Four hours in the make-up chair helps me get in character.

ATH: What did you like and dislike the most about playing Freddy?
RE: The make-up

ATH: Are there any movies that you regret doing? If so, What?
RE: No

ATH: Who are the best directors you have ever worked with?
RE: Bob Raffelson, Wes Craven, Dan Petrie, Robert Mulligan

ATH: What can we expect of Robert Englund in the future?
RE: Less hair, more European movies

ATH: What was the best career decision you have ever made?
RE: Leaving the theater to come back to Hollywood

ATH: You have made a career of striking fear into the hearts of children and adults, That's gotta feel good!
RE: Is that a question?
ATH: No, I guess it's more of an observation.


ATH: What charitable organizations do you promote and lend your name to?
RE: none

ATH: What other causes do you believe in?
RE: Protecting the environment, ZPG

ATH: What do your hobbies include?
RE: Reading, travel, surfing, body boarding

ATH: What, if any, sports do you like?
RE: Surfing, baseball

ATH: What are you a fan of?
RE: Contemporary fiction, travel

ATH: Have you ever considered writing a book, if so what would it be about?
RE: My memories of my life in movies

ATH:(IMDB shows) Your parent's last name is McDonald. Is Englund a stage name?
RE: My father's last name is Englund

ATH: What advice do you have to give to your fans?
RE: Read a lot, use spellcheck.

ATH: In 100 years, how would you like to be remembered?
RE: I showed up on time, knew my lines and was never stuck in traffic.

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